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Qingdao Zhendu Industrial Co., Ltd. is an enterprise that integrates processing and manufacturing new materials, packaging, adhesives, wholesale and retail import and export products. Major packaging products undertake various private customized bubble envelope bags. Kraft paper bubble envelope bags, co-extruded film bubble envelope bags. Pearlescent film bubble envelope bags. Aluminum-plated film bubble envelope bags. Clothing bubble envelope bags. Electronic products bubble envelope bags, bubble film. Stretch film. Protective film. Plastic bag. The company has a strong strength, with 5000 square meters of R&D and manufacturing base, more than 50 employees, the company's overall financial strength is strong, production technology is advanced, with a complete and scientific quality management system, strength and product quality recognized by the industry. In line with the enterprise tenet of "Creating Value, Credit First, Quality First, Talent Oriented", we strive to save customers'worry, effort and cost, and provide customers with high quality products and intimate services to reduce customer procurement costs. Welcome friends from all walks of life to visit our company, guidance and business negotiation.
Guarantee the quality of the product with a heavy contract and a credit

We promise: customer first, quality first, service.
Advanced product equipment and high quality raw materials

Blower Local
Blower Local
Bubble film equipment
Bubble film equipment
Kraft paper heater
Drawing Membrane Machine Unit
Kraft paper heater
Welcome to visit our factory and look forward to long-term cooperation with you.
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Qingdao ZhenDu Industrial Co., Ltd.
Phone: 0532-83769999
Cell phone: 18661778888
Contact: Manager Li
Mailbox: qdzhendu@126.com
Address: No. 8 Zhanyuan Road, Qingda Industrial Park, Chengyang District, Qingdao City, Shandong Province

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Mon to Fri :8:30-17:30
Sat to Sun :9:00-17:00
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